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Go with your gut | Rantan 1 November


A special one-day experience for a small number of people at Rantan Farmhouse, where together we will learn how to take care of our gut and mind through food, meditation and skincare.

9:30 - Guests will be welcomed with with a farm-to-table breakfast.

11:00 - Fermentation cooking class:
An introduction to the principles of fermentation. Carol and Francesco will teach us the basic methods to create a variety of recipes.

13:00 - lunch together:
We will eat lunch seated at a communal table in a home setting

14:30 - Sound meditation con Simone Campa
Sound affects your digestion. This form of sound therapy enables deep relaxation so that our whole body, including our digestion, can improve.

16:00 - Skincare Workshop with Federica, Founder of Adamà:
Every ingredient has its own property. During this workshop, Federica will show us how to make natural skin care products with simple ingredients.

17:30 - Honey Tasting:
We will finish the day with a honey tasting degustation from a local producer.